• soyabin badi (mill maker)
  • cabage
  • onion
  • capsicum
  • carrot
  • zeera
  • soya saus
  • vinegar
  • chili saus
  • tomato saus
  • zeera powder
  • mirchi powder


boil soyabin badi or mill maker till 10 minute on high flame and then drain the water
and keep it aside.

cut capsicum in lenghtwise, cut cabage and carrot in the same way.
cut onions in thin layers

(cut all the ingredients as we use it generally to make noodles).

boil 2tbs oil ina wide and spacious pan so that it will be easier to make the recepie
add a little zeera.
then add onion slices cook it for 2/3 mints
then add capsicum cook it for 2/3 mints
add carrot cook it for 2/3 mints
add cabage
add salt
then add soya saus and vinegar (all half a tspoon)
add 1tbls of tomato sauce and 1 tbls of chili saus
and then add boiled and dried millamker or soyabin badi
if neede add some more salt

finally add little zeera powder and mirchi powder

serve it with roti or nan