• Basmati rice 400gr or sona masuri rice / sona gold rice 350.
  • Pinner 200gr
  • Oil as required
  • Ghee 2tbsp
  • Carrot 1 large
  • Bens 10-12
  • Green matar 1cup or 100gr
  • Potato medium 3
  • Capsicum large 1
  • Fried Onion 1cup
  • Green chili 1
  • Spices whole:-
  • Green cardamom 4-5
  • Star masala 1
  • Mace/javitri ½ pieces
  • Cinnamon 1inch pieces
  • Clove 5-6
  • Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
  • Coriander powder 1tbsp
  • Garam masala powder 1tbsp
  • Rice masala powder 2tbsp
  • Salt to tasty
  • Mint leaves 1cup
  • Coriander leaves ½ cup
  • Kaju 15-20
  • Honey 1tbsp
  • Saffron color a pinch
  • Curd 1cup or 250gr
  • Paste:-
  • Ginger 1inch
  • Garlic 10-12 pods
  • Black cumin seed 1tsp
  • Green chili 1
  • Grind all the ingredients make a fine paste.
  • Ingredients with method for rice:-
  • Rice raw 350gr
  • Oil 1tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Cinnamon 1inch pieces
  • Green cardamom 2
  • Bay leave 1
  • Star masala 1
  • Mint leaves 1 string Wash the rice thoroughly & soak in enough water for 30 minutes.
  • After the time drain the water and keep aside.
  • Rolling boil a tub ¾ of water, add salt, oil whole spices, mint leaves with drained rice to the boiling water & stir once them.
  • And also cover with lid till flouter the rice.
  • Then remove the lid & cooked till about 80%.
  • Then drain the water very well & keep aside it is cool.

Easy Veg Biryani With Pressure cooker process of cooking  Method:-

Heat 2tbsp oil in a pan; add Cashew & stir them till slight golden.

Drain & keep aside its.

Bring a mix bole put the all veg, all leaves, paste (chili, garlic, and ginger), and all whole with powder spices & also mix it very well.

Add roasted onion, salt, curd, oil, honey or sugar in it the mixture & mix very well.

Keep aside them 3minutes.

After the time take the pressure body pour 2-3tbsp oil & spread it very well.

Then pour the veg mixture & them spread evenly.

Then pour half boiled rice top the veg mixture & also spread them evenly.

Then sprinkle the some fried onion, some mint leaves.

After pour rest of the boiled rice & spread its evenly & also pour little saffron milk / color water top the rice.

Lastly sprinkle fried onion, mint, Coriander leaves, some Cashew with pour the fine malted ghee top up the layer & cover the lid.

Heat an iron tawa on high flame & place the pressure cooker on it for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes reduce the flame to the medium & cook for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes reduce the lame to the low & cook for about 15 minutes.

Turn off the flame.

Serve it warm with raita.

I use my regular rice (sona masuri rice / sona gold rice) for 3mebers.

I prefer fried spices onion in my biryani recipes.

Recipe by Laxmi Priya Sahoo