• 1.four small size brinjal.
  • 2.mustard oil (for golden fry).
  • 3.yellow paste (mustard(5g),garlic(2-3 pic),green chilli(2 no.)).
  • 4.1/2 lemon pic.
  • 5.red chilli powder.
  • 6.turmuric power.
  • 7.tamato(50 gm).
  • 8.coriander leafs.

1.First cut the brinjal in quatered pices.
2.then fry it in a pan up to the golden color reaches.
3.put a table spoon of oil in to another pan.
4.when the oil of the pan is heated then put the yellow paste in to it and fry it for two minutes.
5. after two minutes put some tomato,red chilli powder,turmuric power,salt.
6.fry it up to the tomato piece get melted.
7.add some water and fryed brinjals to it.
8.after some time put some coriander leafs and remove it from the fire.
9.serve it.

Recipe By – Rashmi Ranjan Mahunta